April Training Program

April Training Program

Below is the outline of our Training Program for the month of April. Everyone's team coaches will be following up with them in the next 24 hours as well to assist if needed and to provide any specific info that may relate to your age group and team. 


We wanted to ensure we covered all aspects of the players game and development, that we made things competitive, that we had some fun and social aspects included, and that we kept the players and teams all connected during this time we are separated!


Please review the descriptions of the new additions to the programming. Also, please download the necessary Apps and Attachments! The attachments are the Fitness Guide and the pdf detailing the weekly schedule for all players so they can stay on top of it. Please download and print. 


All players are responsible for their development and participation during this time and for knowing what they should be doing on a daily basis. We did not assign any work for Sundays, that is the one day the players have their choice to take a day off or do some extra work on their own. 


New additions to the April training program:

Nike Run Club App - This will be a part of every players daily routine for the month of April! All players will need to download the Nike Run Club App. After the App is downloaded and players create an account(Free), they will want to then Friend Request one of the following names:

Evan Burokas

Nick Rugnetta

Robert Schallmo

Jeb Booth

*All coaches will have the Scorpions logo as their profile picture*

Once the request is accepted, players will have access to the club wide challenges we have set up through the App. These will be Weekly and Monthly Challenges where everyone can see the leaderboards and continuously improve their fitness levels, but also compete and stay connected to their club mates. 


Mentality Mondays with Coach Jeb - Every Monday through April, Coach Jeb Booth will send out various articles/blogs/videos/podcasts relating to the mental side of the game, players mentality, and mental toughness a long with some responses and prompts to help the players think, process, and solve different situations and problems. 


Fitness Challenge Wednesdays on Instagram - Every player will need access to our Scorpions account on Instagram to view our Story. Our Instagram story will demonstrate and explain a fitness challenge for players to record themselves doing and send in to be entered into the competition. We will award prizes to the top performers every Wednesday who submit videos of the Challenge!


Tactic Talk and Video Session Fridays - Every Friday through April everyone will receive a TeamSnap message from Evan. This will have video clips/images/screenshots/etc of different tactical situations and areas of the game. Players will then be posed questions and prompts to allow them to explain and describe their thoughts and ideas regarding the tactical area of focus each week. 


Parents and Players Saturday Skills Challenge on Instragram - Something to add in a little fun each week! Again everyone will need access to the Scorpions account on Instagram to view our Story. The Story will demonstrate a Skill or Soccer Move that need to be completed with more than 1 person! Our goal is to have parents/siblings/teammates participate with each other to have a little fun and make sure we keep our families involved a little bit too!!


Zoom Video Conferences - We are allowing all Coaches and teams to now interact through Zoom. We know this has very good value and the importance of live time interaction between players and coaches is very important! We had  been weary of using this as we have been hearing horror stories of some conferences being hacked or infiltrated by outside parties. We feel good now proceeding with taking some appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen. 

Our coaches have specific instructions on how to set up and manage the meetings and who enters them. We are also going to mandate having an additional adult on EVERY Zoom conference call EVERY Scorpions team has. Individual Coaches of teams will organize these conferences and Individual Coaches will also organize having a second adult on each call, whether that is another Scorpions coach, a team manager, or a parent from within the team. 


Daily Work Reminder

Daily Techne Futbol: BARE MINIMUM 30 minutes each day

Daily Instragram Skills Challenges: View our instagram story each day for the Skill of the Day. Prizes awarded at the end of each week for players who submit their videos doing the Skill of the Day!

Daily TikTok Competition: View our instagram story to see the TikTok Challenge. Submit videos to win prizes for the best/funniest TikTok!

Nike Run Club: New to the programming. See above. 


GOALKEEPERS - Please take advantage of the Techne Goalkeeper section of the App. These are all individual handling and technical drills for you to do at home. 

U9-U12 GKs: Complete a minimum of 1 hour of Techne Goalkeeper each week in addition to the above training

U13-U19 GKs: Complete a minimum of 2 hours of Techne Goalkeeper each week in addition to the above training

*Darren will also follow up this week with some more activities/drills for GKs and to touch base with all GKs. 


Thanks everyone, looking forward to getting through this month together and making the most of our situation!