Scorpions South

The Scorpions South Region is based out of Taunton, MA and provides yearlong training opportunities for players between the ages of 4 - 18. The South Region is the Scorpions newest region, which continues to grow and develop each year. 

The New England Premiership (NEP) is a new Club-based league for clubs throughout New England focused on player development. The NEP will create a superior player development environment by ensuring the appropriate numbers-a-side per age group - U9's and U10's will be 7v7, U-11’s and U12’s will be 9v9, U13’s and U14’s will be 11v11. The League will also work to acquire the highest quality of referees (the NEP is also looking to add a referee mentoring program) and establishing superior dialogue between club officials and referees to develop this side of the game.

The New England Championship (NEC) is a standards based league focused on player development and game day environment while providing teams and clubs a pathway into the NEP.



Ben Figueiredo

Regional Director

Eric Parada

Assistant Director