Scorpions Announce Partnership With Total Soccer !


Scorpions SC and Total Soccer FC are excited to announce an initial limited partnership between the two clubs! Scorpions SC and Total Soccer FC share a very similar vision in how we want to train, develop, interact and promote our players. This partnership will allow both clubs to grow our values and ideals together, while also improving our training and curriculums, level of competition and play and provide more opportunities for players to reach their full potential as a young lady and soccer player. 


We are excited about the beginning of this partnership and what it will mean to our players and families. We know the two clubs will continue to produce great play on the field, a great experience off the field and also grow the relationship between the two clubs over the course of this year!


Any questions on the partnership? Please reach out to Nick Rugnetta or Evan Burokas, Directors at Scorpions SC or Jen Daman and Lee Grainger, Owner and DOC at Total Soccer FC.


Interested in learning more about Scorpions new partnership with Total Soccer FC ? Visit their website at